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It is good that another candidate for Madeleine’s abduction should have been found (trying to avoid cynically muttering to myself “Oh yes, another ‘suspect’ “) following from the recent flurry of media activity prompted largely by the McCanns’ visit to America, their interview on the Oprah Winfrey show, and that updated speculative image of Madeleine as she may now look were she still alive.

But I’m not without some reservations, not least of which is the concern about the possibility that Raymond Hewlett is little other than a scapegoat, absent finding the real culprits.
And what better candidate for being such!

_G105701A convicted paedophile… unlikely then that many people would believe much he has to say in his defence.
One apparently suffering from an illness that could prove terminal… what to lose by “confessing” in exchange for what inducement I wonder?
British… thus conceivably avoiding even further antagonising the already majorly upset Portuguese population that “discovering” a new suspect native to, say, Praia da Luz might achieve.
One could almost argue that Hewlett’s a “tailor made” suspect.
But possibly the most serious aspect of this so far (and one that causes me the greatest concern) is that of images of him having already been published… I wait interestedly to see whether that will now spark numerous reports of “sightings” of him at the time, and in the right places, by folk that had hitherto “forgotten”.

He does of course bear something of a resemblance to one of the many (oh, so many) different images that have been created of potential suspects. And there have been so many different images produced that in fairness it’d be difficult to not find someone who looked like one of them. Here’s a typically representative collection.

More on this latest development here.

Update 27 May 2009 16:55- Here’s an interesting take on the Raymond Hewlett… er… perhaps “farce” is putting it too strongly so let’s just say “situation”… that curiously echoes several of my own concerns.


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