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I’ve said elsewhere that its not my intention to simply replicate on this blog material that’s widely available elsewhere. Which remains true, but there are exceptions. If I come across something that seems to me to be particularly interesting, or particularly significant, or worthy of specific mention, well, that’s a different matter entirely.

And this is one of those occasions.

So, from the Joana Morais blog…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m especially intrigued by Dr Amaral’s mention that, whilst many enquirers appear to focus upon later stages of the timeline established by the testimonies of the “Tapas 9”, it could prove that an earlier segment of the timeline is quite revealing. This reinforces one of the impressions I’d formed when I first came to the matter and I have to confess that in studying the events of that evening I shall now probably end up looking very closely at the various testimonies about the entire day.

Dr Amaral also refers to some impressive research done by one “Textusa” that demonstrates the improbability of some variations of the “abductor theory” due to some very practical/logistical reasons which is well worth examining, although I have certain reservations about a particular theory that the same researcher appears to have developed.

And talking of videos I notice that the video “Maddie: The Truth of the Lie” that first started me on this quest has once again been removed from blip.tv… or at least it appears to not be accessible at the moment. Just as well then that I saved a copy to my archives.


Correction 06.06.09 16:49 – Its not Dr Amaral that refers to “Textusa” but Paulo Sargento. The reference from Dr Amaral at 12:33 is to an anonymous person who writes a blog and that we are going to know who that is.
Thanks to the visitor that spotted this. – Mike


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