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Well, I say “author” but what I really mean is yet another recruit to the veritable army of people digging into the Madeleine McCann affair.

So, this is a brief intro to Gary Austin (LifeSpy), another freelance photojournalist and, like myself, a member of the Radical Images photographers’ collective.

We’ve worked together as a team on several projects before, having slightly different approaches and of course we have different perspectives (plus, perhaps more significantly and usefully for this particular enquiry, different contacts).

So, hi Gary, and welcome aboard!


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An abject apology

This is a brand new blog (created 21 May ’09) set up principally to provideĀ  a permanent home for some Madeleine McCann material I’d recently published that caused an “exceeded bandwidth” issue on my home site.

Consequently, don’t expect to find too much here at the moment… particularly as its not my wish to just simply replicate material that is widely available elsewhere.

Hopefully however the content will slowly expand as my research progresses… and should breaking news items provoke me into spluttering somewhat.

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… to this brand spanking new blog, set up in response to a temporary… er… “bandwidth issue” with one of my other sites, occasioned by my publishing a couple of pieces about the Madeleine McCann case and not realising quite how many visits they’d attract.

So this will be their new home from now on, along with everything else relating to the case that I may publish, and probably other things as well that I may from time to time take an interest in.

So, read enjoy and, who knows… maybe learn something as well.

And don’t be remiss in adding your comments should the urge take you.



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